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1. Creating classic, innovative or signature menu items that
goes with your theme.

2. Building a recipe guide for each menu item.


Providing the staff with comprehensive training, making sure that each menu item is done with precision and efficiency.


1. Designing an effecient kitchen layout.
2. Helping you to choose equipments and finding the right vendors.

Brand& FEEL

1. Building your brand from scratch or polishing it further to enhance your visual and vocal representation.

2. Visualizing the overall mood of the brand, from packaging
to wall decor.


1. Calculating the cost of each menu item.
2. Putting a suitable price on each item to achieve profitability.


We offer customised hands-on F&B consulting to help you setting up your foundation and kicking o through strategic capitalisation.

From teaching innovative kitchen techniques to providing heavy guidance toward building a protable business.

We earned our experience from years of trial and error in F&B business, we know how greasy it can get around food, but you don’t have to!


Years of Experience


Services Given


Dishes Made


Getting into F&B industry is far more complex than mixing some ingredients. Our services will help you turn your dish into a profitable product, along with establishing and publishing your brand in the market.