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80 gm. Cream cheese
1 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. chocolate syrup
1 tbsp. vanilla essence
1 pcs. Egg
10 gm. Pecan
5 gm. Hazel nut
½ pcs. Flex chocolate bar
1 tbsp. cooking cream


In the medium bowl beat the sugar and cream sauce with electric mixer whisk until smooth.
Add the cooking cream and chocolate syrup, vanilla essence combines all item until smooth, now add egg and beat the mix for 3 minutes.
Cut the croissant and fill in to a (muffin oven baking silicon cup with smooth cheese mixture eventually, fill until reach bottom to the top of the croissant.
Bake it for 15 minutes around 200 Celsius with preheated oven until the cheese mix cake change to golden brown.
Remove from the oven


On the plate put the oven baked cheesecake decorate with pecan and hazelnut,
Garnish with chocolate flexi Bar.